New Photos of Masterpiece MP-21G G2 Bumblebee & Legends LG-13 Megatron

With the new Japanese hobby magazines hitting newsstands now, we have a photo of some new images of the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece MP-12G G2 Bumblebee and Legends (Leader) LG-13 Megatron.  MP-12G G2 Bumblebee is a redeco of the earlier Masterpiece Bumblebee release with his Amazon exclusive faceplate and the jet pack from the “Dinobot Island” episodes of the original cartoon in place of Spike.  LG-13 Megatron continues to look impressive in these photos.  Currently it is unknown if this is the Hasbro version in the photos or the TakaraTomy one.
Also shown is TakaraTomy’s blind pack release of some of the Kre-O Kreon figures.
Look for future updates on these images as the Allspark will have hi-res scans early next week.