New Images of Transformers Legends Swerve and Tailgate 2-Pack

Takara Tomy designer Hisashi Yuki had been a little quiet over the holidays, but now he’s back in full force! He’s filled his Twitter feed with images of the upcoming Legends Swerve and Tailgate 2-Pack (posed alongside Legends Brainstorm and Masterpiece Star Saber), giving fans their best look yet at what sets these figures apart from their Hasbro counterparts. The darker colors on both and silver head on Tailgate are due to Takara Tomy going with G1 toy accuracy rather than comic book accuracy like Hasbro had. We also get a great look at their Minicon Targetmasters, and how close Takara Tomy were at recreating the My First Blaster deco on Swerve’s Minicon!
Read on to see the tweets.