Meet Robots In Disguise Chop Shop

The upcoming Robots in Disguise cartoon offers designers and animators the chance to get really creative with the Decepticon-of-the-week. Beastial in nature, these characters seem to offer unique designs and transformations. Consider this a spoiler warning for those awaiting the North American release. For those interested, enjoy the transformation GIF and details after the break.

Do you like Insecticons? How about combiners? Well, then meet Robots in Disguise Chop Shop! The red Decepticon has been making his rounds in various Robots in Disguise previews, but until now we have never gotten a good glimpse at what he converts into… which turns out to be  swarm of insects. His arms, legs, and torso each convert into a bug, ready to chop the Autobots into pieces with their mandibles. Yes, this is certainly a Decepticon that we want a to have a toy!
Check out a GIF of Chop Shop’s transformation provided by Allspark User Boomhauer in our Transformers TV discussion forum.


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