Let’s Build a Vintage Arcade and Toy Museum!

You probably haven’t heard of Cherry Bomb Toys, but you’d love the place if you walked through their doors. Located in Victoria, BC, Cherry Bomb is a vintage toy enthusiast’s dream, and the only place this Allspark reporter has ever seen G1 Fort Max in real life. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to build a vintage arcade and toy museum.
The store Cherry Bombs runs right now is amazing, bright, and full of treasured memories for kids of all ages. HOused in a gorgeous old brick building, display cases line the space, filled with Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, Star Wars and just about any other figures you can name. The museum would expand on this model, keeping these treasures on display for everyone to enjoy. And how great would an arcade full of vintage cabinets be?
But you don’t have to take my word for it! From Cherry Bomb’s Indiegogo campaign page:

Do you remember that favorite arcade game or toy that made time stand still? Did you line quarters up on a machine waiting for your turn?
Is there one toy that expresses some of the happiest moments of your youth?
We do and we love every minute of the memories!
We want to build an amazing Vintage Arcade and GIANT Toy Museum but we can’t do it alone! We need YOUR help.
We believe this will make this world a better place through the reminders of our younger years. With your help we can preserve this history for all generations to enjoy and learn from. Join us in bringing this dream to life!

With five days left, Cherry Bomb has quite a ways to go to meet their stretch goals, but the good news is that (unlike Kickstarter) partially-funded campaigns on Indiegogo still receive whatever money is pledged on the site. For more information, visit Cherry Bomb’s Indiegogo page HERE.
If you happen to find yourself in Victoria, be sure to stop by Cherry Bomb Toys at 1410 Broad Street. You can check out the the store’s website HERE and then follow them HERE on Facebook and Twitter as well.
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