Details on Transformers Asia APS-01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition Released

Transformers Asia has released details on their upcoming Premium Series APS-01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition.  The figure is the Dark of the Moon retool of the Revenge of the Falllen Leader figure with all the accessories previously included with the figure.  This includes the Buster Ion Blaster, the Jetpower Jet Pack, as well as the Striker Shield, Eliminator Gun, Assault Blaster, and Bonus Battle Blades.  In addition to that, the figure features new and previously unused accessories.  The new accessory includes the Knuckle Optimus used to defeat Shockwave and detachable Battle Hooks (similar to the detachable Battle Blades).  Perhaps most surprisingly of all is the figure features articulated fingers like the original Revenge of the Fallen Leader Optimus Prime prototype.  The articulated hands were removed for every production release of the RotF Leader Optimus.




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