ComicBookResources Announces Top 100 Comics of 2014, Number 33 will Blow Your Mind!

The year-end list is a time-honored tradition, at least as old as the internet itself. With 2015 just a few hours old, it’s time we all looked back at the year that was and start thinking about the things we’ll be reading about on Buzzfeed fifteen years from now.
ComicBookResources has posted their list of the Top 100 Comics of 2014, with IDW’s surprise hit The Transformers vs G.I. Joe making a strong showing at #33 in the rankings. The title has done shockingly well on critics’ lists as of late, so if you’re not reading it… well, what the heck are you reading anyway? Go get the book!
From CBR:

33. The Transformers vs. G.I. Joe
Written by John Barber & Tom Scioli
Art by Tom Scioli
Published by IDW Publishing
“Writer/artist Tom Scioli and co-writer John Barber proved that licensed titles can still be brilliant with this insane, ’70s throwback mash-up. Each issue is like a love letter on LSD sent from Jack Kirby’s brain in 1971, filtered through the tacked-up bedroom wall posters of every six year-old in 1988.”
— CBR Staff Writer Karl Keily
“This literally does for a toy line crossover what Jack Kirby did for ‘Jimmy Olsen.’ Before this, I hadn’t read a page of a Transformers or G.I. Joe comic, seen more than a few minutes of either cartoon, or played with any of the toys (not counting a random little Autobot from 1986 or so), and I still love this miniseries.”
— Robot 6 Columnist Tom Bondurant

Click here to check out the full list to see what titles came out on top, and which of your favorites barely made the cut.