Angry Birds Transformers #3 Preview and Review!

Revenge of the Fowlin’!

Written by: John Barber
Art by: Marcelo Ferreira
Colors by: Nikos Koutsis
Flats by: Mike Toris
Letters by: Chris Mowry
Edits by: David Hedgecock

The Autobirds and Deceptihogs have to put aside their differences and capture the rampaging Eggspark-mutated eggs before they destroy Piggy Island! Can they stop bickering long enough to succeed? Not a chance! Will they succeed despite that? Probably not! Will something strange happen to redirect them before an inevitable disaster? Maybe!
I’m having trouble reconciling how much I’m enjoying this book with how silly I think the concept (and Angry Birds in general) is. It’s grown from an eye-rolling thing that I read just to say I did into something I’m looking forward to every month and will genuinely miss when it’s gone. Barber and Ferreira are clearly having a grand time filling every page with the silliest jokes and zaniest sight gags they can think of. It’s the sort of book that revels in a loving absurdity.
I think my favorite part of this is that the plot is actually fairly uncomplicated, yet I’m not sure how the creative team is going to keep up this level of content and still wrap things up in a single issue.
Favorite Exchange (it was REALLY hard to choose):
“We have battled for millions of years! I have watched you destroy civilizations in the name of–”
“WHAT?! I just wanted to eat some eggs! Is that so wrong?”
–Optimus Prime Bird and Megatron Pig
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