Hero-X Generations 2014 Volume 1 Exclusive Shouki & Daniel Photo Gallery

The has a new photo gallery to share for you – Hero-X / Million Publishing’s Transformers Generations 2014 Volume 1 Exclusive Mail Away figure set Trainbot Shouki and Daniel in Exo-Suit!  Shouki is a redeco of Classics Astrotrain as the Japanese Exclusive Trainbot character Shouki from 1987.  His shuttle mode is based on the Decepticon Interstellar Shuttle and he uses it to infiltrate the Decepticon ranks.  Daniel is in an Exo-Suit mimicking the appearance of the Micromaster Skystalker.  Daniel is also a redeco of Power Core Combiner Minicon Groundspike.  The figure set was only available to those who purchased the Generations 2014 Volume 1 book from Hero-X / Million Publishing and sent in the mail away coupon in order to be able to purchase the figure set.

Check out the images below with comparisons to Classics, Henkei! Henkei!, and Generations (Hasbro Asia version) of Astrotrain!