We’re the Misfits, our artwork is better!

IDW has given fans of Jem their first glimpse the new-look Misfits, as series writer Kelly Thompson and artist Ross Campbell sit down for an interview with io9.

We got our first look at the new Jem a few weeks ago, which left fans wondering just what Pizzazz and the Misfits would look like in Campbell’s wild style. Well, he didn’t disappoint, as you can see below!

Many fans will notice right away The Misfits have undergone some significant changes. In our research we learned that Jem creator Christy Marx actually originally created Jetta as a black character, which makes a lot of sense given The Misfits lack of diversity compared to The Holograms (and the show generally). So, we’ve gone ahead and corrected that. Additionally, in the original Jem, Jetta played the saxophone, which is clearly a mark of the time period. I mean you can’t throw a rock at an 80’s movie without hitting a sax solo, so it made sense for the time period. However, it’s a bit out of place in a modern punk rock-ish band – certainly when you don’t even have a drummer it’s an odd choice.

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