Transformers: Robots In Disguise – Debuting In February 2015?

French site “Addicted to The Series” has reported that the Canal J TV Network shall be debuting the “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” show this February. The report says that there is no set date yet for when the show will air but when it does it will be sometime during February 2015. Read on for the announcement as well as the translation.


Canal J diffusera la nouvelle série d’animation de la franchise Transformers intitulée Transformers,Robots in Disguise en février 2015, pour le moment aucune date de diffusion n’a été annoncé mais la série sera diffusée en février prochain.
L’histoire débute avec l’écrasement sur Terre d’un vaisseau de prisonniers Décepticons.
Optimus Prime missionne Bumblebee de mener une équipe débutante d’Autobots qui aura pour mission de capturer les prisonniers échappés.
Mais Bumblebee devra tout d’abord apprendre à diriger une équipe !
Les nouveaux héros s’apercevront rapidement que leur mission n’est pas facile, tout comme de travailler au sein d’une équipe forte en personnalité !
Canal J will be broadcasting the new series franchise animation titled “Transformers Robots in Disguise” in February 2015, currently no release date has been announced but the series will air in February.

The story begins with the crash of a spaceship on Earth which contains Decepticon prisoners.
Optimus Prime gave Bumblebee missions to lead a team of Autobots on Earth, whose mission is to capture the escaped prisoners.

But Bumblebee will first learn how to be a leader!

The new heroes quickly realize that their mission is not easy, and that they will have to overcome their differences if they want to be a team!