Toys R Us Japan and TakaraTomy offer up Clear Bumblebee

TakaraTomy and Toys R Us Japan have an interesting post-Christmas shopping incentive! In the weeks following Christmas, when fans buy five Q Transformers superdeformed Age of Extinction figures, they’re offering a free translucent Bumblebee figure!

The free figure (apparently named Nowak, though that could just be the result of a bad Google translation) is limited to 3000 pieces, and will only be available at Japanese Toys R Us stores from December 26th through January 12th. The free figures will be released to stores in two waves, with 1000 available in the first week and the remaining 2000 in the following weeks.
Check out the announcement on TakaraTomy’s website here. Here’s our (very rough) Google translation of the offer text:

[Toys R Us Limited]
Queue Transformers series purchasing of five or more
The “Clear Bumble Bee” gift towards the arrival total 3000 people! !
Nationwide at Toys R Us, and the queue Transformers series to purchase five or more
Special clear version of Bumblebee is Nowak!
Together with other queue Transformers series, I will decorate the cute! ! (Eight under photo released December 26)
■ distribution store: Nationwide Toys ‘R’ Us (there is also no store of some handling.)
■ distribution conditions: in a single checkout queues Transformers series products are five or more
To the purchase of customer
· December 26 (gold) from December 31 (water) arrival total of 1,000 people in the Toys R Us across the country
– January 1 (Thursday) from January 12 (Monday) arrival total of 2,000 people in the Toys R Us across the country