Toyfinity’s Robo Force Revival: Maxx Zero Pictures

Toyfinity Toys continue their revival of obscure 80’s properties (their Mordles are fantastic!) with their Robo Force product line. First in the series is Maxx Zero, perhaps better known as Maxx Steele. This classic character is available in both Classic and Ultimate editions. Check out the pics after the break.

For those that don’t remember, Robo Force featured Maxx Steele and his heroic robots fighting against Hun-Dred and his evil horde. The animated special featured Maxx and his human friend Mark attempting to rescue his father Dr. Fury from the evil robots. The toys featured suction cup bottoms and a button on the back that activated a flailing-arm gimmick.
They were short-lived.
The new toys feature the Glyos System of interlocking, interconnecting joints.
They look fantastic.