The Most Beautiful Transformers Gallery That You Will Ever See

For those that are unaware, rogue03’s Depature Time website is a visual feast of epic proportions. While the site may not be able to compete with others in terms of having the newest releases as soon as possible, it makes up for it in spades by having some of the most professional camera work in the business. Making use of props, stands, and plastic effects, rogue03 does a masterful job in showcasing all that a toy has to offer.

The latest gallery is perhaps his best work to date. For those who own it, the TFSS Barricade toy is known for being a visually dynamic release. The black and white silhouette offset by flashes of purple and red can be brilliant when striking a pose. The mold shines in rogue03’s hands. We offer a smattering of images mirrored below, but encourage you to enjoy the full gallery here.