Mega Drive Megatron Limited Edition Recolors

Takara Tomy Arts, Sega, and have announced two limited edition recolors of the Mega Drive Megatron action figure recently released in Japan. The first is a gold chromed “Lucky Draw” style Megatron that will be given away as a prize to the lucky few in Japan selected after they buy a 3DS in the period of December 18th-January 31st and answer a product questionnaire.
The second recolor adds the Sega Genesis logo to the console mode and swaps the red paint operations for purple. This will be a limited run available for purchase.
Read on to see tweets about both recolors. You can also find more information about the gold chrome Megatron on Game Watch, and more information about the Sega Genesis Megatron version on its product page on Japan’s Amazon site. And don’t forget to discuss this news in our Transformrs Discussion forum!