Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus Package & In-Hand Photos

Hong Kong based shop Robot Kingdom, has received their stock of TakaraTomy’s Transformers MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and given us our first in package photos of the figure, as well as our first real in-hand photos of the final product and his Asian exclusive coin.  In these photos they show off the figure’s size (he’s as tall as Combiner Wars Superion), his features (such as the removable face plate and his ability to have both 2006 Spike and Daniel drive inside his cab), and several other photos.  MP-22 Ultra Magnus is due out for release on December 27, 2014 along with Legends LG-06 Gelshark / Sky-Byte, LG07 Jetfire, DMK Lost Age Optimus Prime model / figure, and the first wave of QT super deformed robots (which transform into licensed automobiles).

Check out the photos below!