Lego Strip Clubs DO Exist

Yup, a Lego Strip club… it exists. The people over at Citizen brick have created an actual Lego strip club complete with your typical stripper, DJ, and Pole! To add to it, there’s even “Lego money” laying all over the stage to give the set more of that strip club feel! The 3rd party group, Citizen Brick, has made a promise to do things that the popular brand “Lego” will not do; and they certainly are living up to that promise with this little beauty.
If you would like to purchase the 3rd party Lego Strip Club then please click here but be warned this set doesn’t come cheap (Priced at $275). However, it does make for a very interesting conversation piece. We do not recommend you get this for your little ones as a Christmas gift though. No, this is for a really hard-core fan.