Last Day for Allspark Foundation Donations in 2014!

If you’re interested in donating to the Allspark Foundation and having it count as a deduction for your 2014 tax year, today is the last day.  To date, we’ve had just over $400 contributed to the drive so far in just a couple of weeks, which is a good start!  Read on for info on how to donate, or if you want to know more about the Allspark Foundation and the charity drive to benefit the Hasbro Children’s Hospital!
Transformers fans raised over $15,000 through our informal charity fundraising efforts over the past few years.  We’ve now officially opened The Allspark Foundation!  The Hasbro Children’s Hospital has also announced their date and theme for the 2015 annual gala, so we’re anxious to get to work with our first fundraising drive.
The Hasbro Children’s Hospital will be holding the Scrabble Ball on March 7, 2015, and as in prior years we’ll sponsor the event – this not only benefits the hospital, but allows us to send several lucky fans to the exclusive, black-tie evening!
Visit our online store to donate. (US Only)
Paypal donations here (if you’re international or just prefer it):

For the first $500 donated, Square won’t charge any fees – and after $500 I pledge to cover a portion of fees myself.  So as much money as possible that’s donated to the Allspark Foundation for this drive will go straight to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital without any other overhead.
One of the greatest benefits of our new organization is that your donations are now tax-deductible!  So hang onto your receipt and you can claim your donation when you file your taxes.  If you like, you can even claim the donation on this year’s taxes if you donate by the end of December.
Our goal will be $10,000 for our drive – it’ll be the biggest goal we’ve had, but by starting now instead of waiting for the new year, we also have more time than ever to meet it by our deadline of February 28.
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