Fans Toys Scoria Exclusive Recolor

We thought we would take a few minutes to call out one of the new releases announced in site sponsor TFSource’s Weekly Update. Fans Toys Scoria, their Slag homage, has quickly become a fan favorite release. However, the inevitable debate arose as to the company’s decision to go with the cartoon-accurate red robot head. Well, toy-accurate fans fear not: TFSource has announced FT-04T, a Scoria recolor designed to homage the original toy. Enjoy the pics after the jump and discuss here in our B.O.T. talk subforum.

Place your pre-order here on TFSource for $199.95. Or go for the slightly snazzier FT-04X, limited to 1000 pieces at $224.95. Yes, the only difference is the small gold shoulder stripes instead of the mass-release’s small silver stripes.