Charity Auction – Transformers: ReGeneration One #100 Multiple Signatures

Transformers artist Andrew Wildman has been going around collecting signatures of some very famous people in the Transformers franchise. He has been having people such as Simon Furman and Bob Budiansky sign copies of Transformers: Regeneration One #100 so that he may sell them off for a charity auction.  The proceeds for the auction will then go to the helping of one of the greatest comic book writers to ever exist, Bill Mantlo.  As most of us are already aware, Bill was struck by a car in 1992 and suffered from severe head trauma as cause of it. So if you would like to help out the creator of Rocket Racoon then click here to order a signed copy of Transformers: Regeneration One #100. As Wildman said in his post, this is our way of saying thanks to a man who really was the best of the best back in the day, but tragically lost all of it in a matter of seconds.

Its finally happening. The auction of the exclusive, signed Transformers Regeneration One comics. There are 30 copies (its the 30th anniversary) of issue 100. This is the release with the ‘issue 1 homage cover’ by artist, Guido Guidi and all the books are signed by a host of Transformers creators. A real who’s who list.
What is really important about this auction is that all the proceeds will go to help Bill Mantlo. One of Marvel’s writers who was responsible for some of their greatest titles. Not only did he create Rocket Raccoon but he was the first writer on the Transformers book. Bill was involved in an accident in the 90’s and requires constant care. This is our way of saying thanks to him for his contribution to one of the worlds biggest franchises.
Check out the auction below and share with… everyone.

Andrew Wildman