BotCon 2015 Set Theme Revealed has been updated to reveal the theme for the 2015 convention exclusive box set of toys – “Cybertron’s Most Wanted”! The update goes on to explain the theme a little further in a little blurb: “The Thief. The Muscle. The Loose Cannon. The Bounty Hunter. The Boss. They’re criminals. Nefarious outlaws. Hunted fugitives. And the planet’s only hope.” So just who could be Cybertron’s Most Wanted? It’s time to start the speculation!
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  • Chris Kent Well, if it's 'all new characters' for BotCon, they better do a really hard sell and a good riff to get interest (like, an A-Team homage?). But 'new characters, new timeline' sets have proven historically to be NOT what the majority of fans want. But I suppose we'll learn soon enough.

  • Neale Davidson I thought perhaps they'd all be repaints of the stuff we're getting now. And Optimus / Motormaster redeco as Onslaught, etc.

    Though, IIRC they did say it'd be a new setting. Not sure Combaticons qualify.

  • A bit too soon to use those molds (Bruticus won't even be out until summer, if rumors are true). The FOC Bruticus was so badly received overall that I doubt Funpub would use it … but that's not impossible. Four of the quick blurbs match (coincidentally) the Deluxe Insecticons… leaving only the Bounty Hunter – but there aren't that many recent insect toys to choose from…

  • Combiner Wars Combaticons?