Angry Birds Transformers #2 Review!

Age of Eggstinction!

Written by John Barber02abcover
Art by Marcelo Ferreira
Colors by Nikos Koutsis
Flats by Mike Toris
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edited by David Hedgecock
I’m going to preface this by admitting that I don’t play Angry Birds, Transformers or otherwise. I don’t plan to change that. I thought the idea of crossing the two was silly, and that was one of the more polite things I said. I read the first issue of the comic purely because I’m a “completest reader” and didn’t think much of it.
I say this so you understand what it means when I say I thought this second issue was pretty good! Having established a lot of elements, Barber really just gets to cut loose here. One of my favorite gags was a parody of the Marvel #1 style “introdump”, where all the characters give short monologues about their names, powers, and personalities. This was almost immediately followed by Optimus Prime Bird giving a speech created entirely from Optimus Prime quotes.
The plot isn’t overly complex, mostly it’s just the pigs and the birds—excuse me, the Deceptihogs and Autobirds– chasing each other around with frequent interruptions from unexpected Eggspark-triggered events. Some of the gags are overdone (egg pun not intended), with a few instances of actual “see what I did there, let me tell you the joke”. However, I see this as Barber’s awareness of his audience—it’s exactly the sort of thing I loved as a child.
02ab01The art in this issue, as with the first, is cartoony and clean and bright. There are over a dozen characters all acting like toddlers on a sugar bender, and that frenetic energy really comes through in every panel. As far as I can tell Ferreira has never handled Transformers before, and I’d love to see him do some work in a non-Angry Birds flavor.
Favorite Line: “How do you find the time to do anything when you keep saying your name over and over?” –Galvatron Pig to Grimlock Bird


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