Young Optimus Prime/Orion Pax Concept Work from Guido Guidi

The road from concept to final product is a long, arduous one in the toy industry, and loads of unused materials get produced along the way. Today via his Twitter account, Transformers artist Guido Guidi gives us a look behind the scenes at this journey, as well as a few unused concepts for the design that would eventually become the Transformers Generations Orion Pax Deluxe figure!
The conceptualization started with a “Young Optimus Prime” who would turn into a Cybertronian “Armored Car”. The early sketches took inspiration from Dreamwave’s War Within body design originally developed by another well-known Transformers artist, Don Figueroa. It was tweaked, however, to give Optimus less of a warrior’s physique. The concepts also chose to forgo the separation between trailer and cab and integrate elements from both into the one form. The result was a second, blue cockpit on top of the vehicle mode very reminiscent of the one found inside Optimus’ trailer.
A revision or two later, the robot mode began to take its final form. It had the silhouette of the final figure, however some of the details wold be tweaked further yet before the tools would be cut and the production run manufactured. This form still had the secondary cockpit which would be dropped, and its vehicle form was a flat-nosed truck rather than the long-nose with which the Generations figure ended up.
Read on to see the tweets and get this rare inside look at the design process.