X-Transbots MX-I Apollyon Masterpiece Megatron TFcon Preview

Paik4Life has uploaded a preview of the 3rd Party X-Transbots MX-I Apollyon MP Megatron that he did while at TFcon this year. This figure stands around 24.5CM/9.6″ tall (scaled exactly to MP-10 Optimus Prime) and its Gun barrel /feet/ waist/back  are featured with die cast parts. Check below for the video and for more information on the figure.


Its accessories include the following as listed on the TFsource preorder:
-Asteroid Wound Chest Panel
-Sigma Activation Key
-Clone Control Helmet
-Last Stand Energy Sword
-Mace & Chain
-Pistol of Betrayal
-Alt Mode Enhancement Accessories/battle stand 
-bio card 
But Tfsource is not the only place to preorder this 3rd party collectable! You can also order it on our other sponsors site BBTS!