Transformers: Rescue Bots “Jurassic Adventure” Coming to DVD in February 2015.

Shout! Factory has posted up some details on their site of a new Rescue Bots DVD coming to stores February 10th of next year. They are calling the DVD “Jurassic Adventure” and it will have 5 second season shows on it plus the pilot episode.

Get Ready For An Up-RAAWWR-iously Good Time!
Join Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder — the Rescue Bots — as they encounter five new dino-sized adventures! The quiet little town of Griffin Rock won’t know what hit it when Doc Greene’s new pet, Trex, wreaks havoc! Can the Rescue Bots and their human allies save the day? Find out with Jurassic Adventures!

The episodes on the disc are as follows:

  1. Family Of Heroes
  2. Return Of The Dinobot
  3. What Lies Below
  4. What Rises Above
  5. In Search Of The Griffin’s Nest
  6. Movers & Shakers