Transformers Masterforce Coming to DVD in Japan

Super-God Masterforce, perhaps the most-loved Japanese Transformers cartoon among fans, will get another release on DVD in Japan early next year! The 1988-1989 series which features heroes and villains such as Metalhawk, Ginrai, Minerva, Go-Shooter, Grand Maximus, Overlord, Black Zarak, Blood, Wilder, Hydra, Buster and more will be split into two parts for two separate DVD sets. Both sets will then be released on January 28th of next year and priced at 9,720 yen each. also has the box art for the DVD sets which show off many of the characters listed above. You can check out the art and release information by heading over to to following order pages:

Transformers Super-God Masterforce DVD set 1
Transformers Super-God Masterforce DVD set 2