“Transformers: Legends” Team Event “Shattered Glass” -Upcoming Changes to Team Battle

DeNA Games have made some changes to their TVT Event! Check below to read their press release about it!

Hello, TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!
We wanted to give you a heads up to some changes to the upcoming Team Battle event.
First, we are adding a Super Rare card to the Point Rewards. You can earn the Robot, Alt, and Weapon for this new card, whether or not your team wins each day.
Next, we have adjusted the Day Win rewards. We have moved the Epic Rare and Ultra Rare card rewards to be later in the sequence, but we have also made it so that you will receive at least a set of Ultra Rare cards for a Day 1 victory. In addition, we have adjusted the episode medal and Transmetal rewards for each day, and have added Battle Energy items for the Day 4, 5, and 6 rewards as we hope this will create a more consistent participation across all 6 days.
We also feel that this, along with the Point Reward change, will help more of our players receive a new Transformer card for their participation in this event.
Finally, we have adjusted the team threshold, increasing it to 10,000 points per day. We hope that this will enhance the teamplay experience of participating in the event.
Roll out,