Transformers Club Early Holiday Sale starts NOW!

The Transformers Collectors’ Club want to let you know that they have the perfect holiday gifts for the Transformers fans in your life… And they’re on sale! In the Club Store, fans and family of fans will find a multitude of Transformers items on sale, both Club and BotCon exclusives as well as regular retail items.
Of note are the now individual BotCon 2013 souvenirs listed at $19.00 or $24.00 each. For fans of Japanese exclusives, there are also the first two waves of Transformers Cloud figures for $74.00 each and eHOBBY exclusive Magnificus for $69.00. Fans of Transformers fiction should also take note of the Club Magazines on sale for $2.95, collected Magazines for $15.00, and single issues of Timelines comics for just $1.50 each.
Head over to the Club Store to see the items on sale, and read on for the press release. You can discuss this news in our Transformers Discussion forum.
Hello Club – 
I hope all of you have a joyous Holiday Season and Merry Christmas.  To make it merrier, we have started our holiday sale early.   
The unexpected items in this sale are the final few pieces (boxed and loose sets) from the 2014 Convention Pirates v. Knights. These are sold out and we have now finished with all of the returns and or exchanges so the few that are in the store now are what is left.  We always have to hold a few back to take care of shipping damage, etc.  
We still have a few items left from our club archive sale as well. 
Don’t wait… these items will go quickly~
Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!