Transformers Cloud TFC-D03 Shockwave Now Shipping

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Cloud Hot Rodimus is shipping from TakaraTomy Mall, now we’ve received word that eHOBBY Shop has begun shipping out Hot Rodimus’s Decepticon counterpart Shockwave!  Shockwave is a redeco of Generations Whirl in various shades of purple as everyone’s favorite one eyed Decepticon.  In addition to Hot Rodimus, Shockwave also joins other TakaraTomy releases his week included MP-10E Convoy EVA Mode, MP-21 Masterpiece Bumblebee, Legends LG03 Tankor, Legends LG04 Roadbuster, and LG05 Whirl.  Yes, that’s right both TakaraTomy releases of the Generations Whirl mold are released the same week with Shockwave shipping just a couple of days prior to Whirl.
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