The Allspark turns 15!

It was 15 years ago today that the first spark of life was breathed into The Allspark by Optimus87 and SHOCKWAVE, also known as Kyle and Chris. Chris has moved on and is pursuing his dreams working as a special effects artist for Industrial Light and Magic. For many who may not know, Kyle sadly passed away a few years ago when he lost his battle with cancer. But the mark that they both have left will live on. What started as a throwaway message forum on a now-defunct free service to discuss Beast Machines spoilers has transcended the hobby itself and become a community shared by generations.
So much has changed in the past 15 years, and it seems scarcely possible that so many have invested so much time and love into this past decade and a half. Many members, some who have met and gotten married right here on the ‘spark, have had children who now are a part of the community as well. Many members who now have families of their own and careers came here as teenagers in the early days.
And of course Transformers itself has gone through countless phases. But the one thing that has always remained constant is the tight knit community full of great people who continue to keep this place going. Who could have imagined that we’d still be around and be so strong after so many years? The public internet itself was barely as old at The Allspark’s creation as The Allspark is now — so we’ve definitely withstood the test of time.
Here’s to 15 amazing years, and to many more to come.
Thanks everyone for such an awesome community!