TakaraTomy Robots In Disguise Listings and Preliminary Photos

Anime-Export has put up preorders for TakaraTomy’s Robots In Disguise line.  The lineup features many of the figures set to be released by Hasbro as well as some unreleased (in Japan) Beast Hunters and Generations figures as well as some redecos of the Animated Dinobots.  There is also some previously unseen figures such as One Step Changer Fix-It.  Thanks to Jalaguy for the heads up.
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TAV-01 is Warrior Bumblebee
TAV-02 is Warrior Grimlock
TAV-03 is Warrior Strongarm (pictures are swapped for TAV02 & 03)
TAV-04 is Warrior Steeljaw
TAV-05 is a previously unseen One-Step Changer Fixit (same price as OSC Underbite)
TAV-06 is One-Step Changer Underbite
TAV-07 is Roadblock, a redeco of T30 Deluxe Scoop
TAV-08 is R Strongarm, presumably some redeco of Warrior Strongarm
TAV-09 is Swoop, a redeco of Animated Deluxe Swoop
TAV-10 is Snarl, a redeco of Animated Deluxe Snarl
TAV-11 is Knock Out, a redeco of BH Deluxe Knock Out
TAV-12 is Dreadwing, a redeco of BH Deluxe Dreadwing
TAVVS-01 seems to be a two-pack of unchanged TAV-01 and -04
TAVVS-02 seems to be a two-pack of unchanged TAV-02 and -08
HA-01 is Hyperchange Hero/Three-Step Changer Bumblebee
HA-02 is Hyperchange Hero/Three-Step Changer Grimlock
HA-03 is One-Step Changer Sideswipe
HA-04 is AOE One-Step Changer Prowl
HA-05 is AOE Power Battler Junkheap, renamed as “Junkion”