SXS R02 Overclocking (Blurr) Preorder

We’ve been following this design for a while now and it seems third party group SXS has their second release ready for preorder. Their Overclocking is an homage to a more Cybertronian Blurr a stands as tall as a Masterpiece Autobot car. They’ve shared new images of the final item and have a price point and release date available. Hit the jump for the details.

Preorder here at site sponsor BBTS. From their listing we know that Overlocking is due in January 2015 at a price point of $104.99.

A couple of notes:

  1. We’re pretty sure that SXS is still calling this guy Overclocking, despite the BBTS listing using the less logical Overlocking

  2. For those digging the BFG seen here, it will be part of a two-pack of such weapons for a certain pair of Decepticon jets. Retail is expected to be $29.99 for the pair.