Rumor: MP-25 to be a New Masterpiece Megatron?!

Hong Kong based toy shop Robot Kingdom and ACToys have posted a rumor that the next Transformers Masterpiece figure after MP-24 Star Saber will be a new version of Megatron in the Masterpiece series.  Fans will remember a new version of Convoy / Optimus Prime was created for the line a few years ago.  The newer Optimus featured a better sculpt, articulation, and was in the same scale as the existing MP-9 Rodimus Convoy.  Would this new Megatron follow suit, featuring a better sculpt as well as being in scale with the other figures?  Is the upcoming MP-5G Gold Megatron the last hurrah for the MP-5 Megatron mold before it’s replaced with a newer version?


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