Protectobots Joining the Combiner Wars?

We here at the Allspark have received some new information about future releases for the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars toy line. A Wal-Mart employee and computer sleuth (who has asked to remain anonymous) has dug into the retailer’s inventory system and pulled out a few names that will definitely interest a few Transformers fans… Because it appears that the Protectobots will be the next Generation One gestalt team to join the Combiner Wars! Here are the names that our trusted tipster was able to identify:
Generations Legends Groove
Generations Legends DPT Viper
Generations Legends Warpath
Generations BLD (Blades)
Generations Street (Streetwise/Streetsmart)
Generations First Aid
Generations Protectobot Rook
No listing for the Voyager/torso was found, however one would imagine that it would be Hot Spot. Especially after the recent Kids Day Protectobots released by Hasbro Asia.
Warpath would continue the trend to release the G1 Mini-Cars in the new Legends scale, Groove maintains the original Protectobots while refraining from adding a giant motorcycle to the team,  but DPT Viper is a mystery. As is which Rook has gone on to become a member of the Protectobots.
We’ll be keeping a watchful eye out for more information to come out about these listings. You can discuss this news in our thread in our Transformers Discussion forum.



  • Lets keep in mind that the wives are mixed up with two teams, or the first two wave are at least. So we could be seeing a listing for Protectobots and a Decpticon team…

  • I suppose (and hope) Groove will be a motorbike and a weapon for Defensor. There're still Voyager spots not ocupied from the production Hasbro said had in the works. As long as Hot Spot is not a repaint, I'm down for it, even if the limbs are repaints/remolds. Rook may be a car or a SUV or a jeep (which would mean Swindle reaint and Bruticus, yeeeeeeeeesss!!). Warpath? We have a deluxe one that is perfect… maybe getting a repaint of it. DPT Viper, maybe means Decepticon Viper… 2015 keeps getting better and better and "expensive-r"