Prime 1 Studio Debut 2007 Movie Brawl And 2011 DOTM Ironhide Busts, And Shock Us With A Teaser?

Prime 1 Studio has shown finished prototypes of their upcoming Brawl and Ironhide busts. We knew Brawl was coming, but Ironhide is definitely a nice surprise. The teaser is even more intriguing…

Brawl is up first, and is listed as PBTFM-04, while Ironhide is PBTFM-05. Release dates are yet to be confirmed, but be sure to keep checking Prime 1 Studio’s Facebook page for more information and announcements. ¬†Note that they’ve also released a teaser image for an upcoming new release in their Museum Masterline Series. It could be anyone, but it looks like we shouldn’t get too shocked if it can’t quite give us a proper two-handed wave in his G1 counterpart. Yes, it does appear to be Dark Of The Moon Shockwave. Below you’ll find separate galleries of both busts, in their finished, painted, prototype forms, and the teaser image for their Museum Masterline statue underneath those.
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