Official Detailed images of Play With This Too Goldmine and Flarestrike

PWTT has released some official images of their Goldmine and Flarestrike figures. Flarestrike will be their first redeco of Jetstrike and one of the “strikers” that they have to come. The color scheme for Flarestrike will be limited to their crowd funding campaign and they have no plans to reissue this item at a later time. The opportunity that you will have to grab this figure will come in February when they launch their campaign.
Then there is Goldminer or “Goldie” for short who was revealed last weekend at RICC. He is the first remold to debut or PWTT’s own Astroblast. He shall come with his own tech drone and tons of new accessories.
You can check out the images below the break and for more info on PWTT and their projects visit