New, Large Images of Q-Transformers QT01-08

New Transformers speed to the rescue, ready to fight evil…and look adorable! Takara Tomy have revealed new, larger images of the first wave of their Tomica-launched Q-Transformers. Included in this batch of “Super Deformed” styled figures with licensed alternate modes are:
QT01 Optimus Prime (Age of Extinction)
QT02 Bumblebee (Age of Extinction)
QT03 Lockdown (Age of Extinction)
QT04 Crosshairs (Age of Extinction)
QT05 Lambor (Generation 1)
QT06 Prowl (Generation 1)
QT07  Rodimus (Generation 1)
QT08 Bumblebee (Generation 1)
Fans may draw similarities between these vehicle modes and the Mini-Cars of Generation One, and indeed both do capture a bit of that “Penny Racer” vibe with the squished, “cute” look with exaggerated wheels and headlights. The robot mode styling, however, is completely different as the “Super Deformed” look carries over with short legs and arms as well as a big chest.
These figures are out now in Japan, so fans can start looking for online import shops to start stocking them soon.
Read on to check out our mirrors for the images.