MP-10 EVA Mode Released, Transformers X Evangelion Story #4

Transformers and Evangelion was one of those crazy crossovers that fans had always dreamed of…and then it happened! Takara Tomy took their fantastic MP-10 Convoy/Optimus Prime figure and gave it the full Evangelion treatment with a purple and green deco for the cab robot and a NERV make-over for the trailer and Roller. Even the Spike mini-figure received a NERV-inspired uniform.
Months ago Takara Tomy and the Evangelion Store had taken pre-orders for this figure, which quickly sold out. Now those lucky fans who managed to get their orders in can rejoice¬†as MP-10 Convoy EVA Mode has finally been released. And to further celebrate the release, Takara Tomy Toy Mall also have the fourth installment of the Transformers Mode “EVA” story on their website.
Check out the fourth story on Takara Tomy Toy Mall’s website, and discuss this news in Sabrblade’s thread in our Transformers Discussion forum.