Marvel’s New Ant-Man Series To Offer Unique ‘Shrinking Variant’ Covers

Marvel’s Ant-Man is riding a high that’s set to hit new heights for such a little guy, with the film debuting next year and a new comic series starting January. That Marvel is offering variant covers is a given. Every ‘main’ comic has those these days. But Marvel has managed to offer an intriguing new way to produce a variant cover. It’s quite clever, but will buyers want in? And is this the fad of the future for Transformers covers?

The Ed McGuiness-drawn cover features Scott Lang shrinking. How can you offer a cover that really highlights this? Well, here’s how: each one of this variant covers is printed in succession, with every individual print showing him shrinking smaller and smaller as the print run continues. It’s much like those cartoon flip books we did as kids. He will be progressively smaller on each cover printed. Every one of these covers is a unique part of the sequence. Each is also individually numbered, marking it’s place in the shrinking ‘sequence’. In an industry often mocked and considered bereft of new ideas, this serves as a novel testament to lateral thinking and shrewd marketing.
Transformers fans will have thought it by now, so we’ll mention it. Yes, it would be perfect for mass-shifting Transformers in traditional G1 forms, such as Soundwave or Megatron. That would be trickier as we’re dealing with two unique forms, but it’s probably not completely infeasible. If there turns out to be a bandwagon, then we’re sure the think-tank at IDW is already contemplating hopping aboard.
Ant-Man is out January in comic stores, and the movie is set for July. Click here to be taken to the source article at ComicBookResources.
~Craig, reporting on assignment from the Australian bush