Marvel Showcases Alex Ross Secret Wars #1 Cover

Marvel Comics’ next big summer event is Secret Wars, a cross-universal blockbuster drawing on virtually every previous major Marvel Event Comic. This one promises to be epic, and when Marvel wants epic covers, they want Alex Ross. The fist cover was shown in an earlier promo video, but now we have a nice high-res version to enjoy.

Marvel is really hyping their upcoming Secret Wars event, which appears to be taking quite a few cues from the first event way back in the 80’s. With Jonathan Hickman handling the writing chores we should be in for a fun ride, and with characters from numerous universes featured, there should be some unexpected character appearances and match ups.
Alex Ross will be doing covers for all 8 issues, and this is the cover for the first issue. It’s up to par with his usual standards, of course,  and gives fans a nice chance to gauge just how crazy they’re going with characters. Thing takes up the lion’s share of the cover, but that does make sense given his experiences from the first one. Ben Grimm does look a bit like an ‘Overly – Dramatic Thing’, but who’d tell him that? Looks like a smattering of Marvel Now, Ultimate, and classic characters fill out the rest of the art. We’ve mirrored the cover below for your convenience, and if you’d like more information on Secret Wars then simply click here to learn more at ComicBookResources.
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