IDW Scribe Shane McCarthy dishes on Drift: Empire of Stone

In anticipation of this month’s ‘Drift: Empire of Stone’ mini from IDW, Comic Book Resources had a chat with writer Shane McCarthy. They discuss McCarthy’s return to the character he created, working with Guido Guidi, and how Michael Bay’s interpretation of Drift in Age of Extinction was “bordering on offensive.”
The in-depth interview discusses McCarthy’s intent with the Decepticon-turned-Autobot character he created for IDW and Hasbro, going back to the creation of Drift and the role he has to play in the ongoing IDW Transformers saga. From CBR:

CBR News: Shane, what’s the main story behind “Drift: Empire of Stone?”
Shane McCarthy: “Empire of Stone” takes place after Drift was booted off the Lost Light and sent on his way into the galaxy. It’s about what he’s been doing while he’s been gone and how he’s trying to be relevant and find his place in the galaxy now he’s neither Autobot or Decepticon. Knowing Drift was wrongly accused, Ratchet comes looking for him to bring him back and the two become well and truly caught up in something from Drift’s days as a Decepticon. While Drift is trying to save the galaxy, Ratchet is attempting to save Drift from himself. Buddy cop meets space adventure.
Did you have any particular inspirations for this new “Drift” series?
The big inspiration for this was to ask the real questions about what all of this would have done to Drift. It’s all well and good to say he was booted out of the Autobots but when you consider he’s been trying to find a place since day one — first the Decepticons, then the Circle of Light, then the Autobots — being kicked out of somewhere you thought you finally belonged is a big deal.

The article includes several exclusive first-look pages at Guidi’s art from the miniseries. McCarthy also hints at upcoming creator-owned projects he has in the works, though he’s unable to say much of anything just yet. Check out the rest of the CBR interview HERE and then hop into the Allspark Forums to talk about the interview and upcoming miniseries HERE!