IDW scribe Flint Dille dishes on Transformers Primacy finale

IDW’s Transformers: Primacy miniseries wraps up this week with issue 4, in stores today, and Comic Book Resources has a fresh interview with writer Flint Dille.
Warning: Minor spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the issue yet!

In the CBR interview, Dille discusses digital vs print distribution for comics, working with Chris Metzen and Livio Ramondelli, and how characters including Optimus Prime and Megatron emerged from the series.

Megatron’s finally back in “Primacy” — is he the same evil tyrant we know or has his exile humbled him at all?

Interestingly, Megatron’s issue is that he has his own demon that needs to be exorcised. Of course, doing that may unveil the real demon that is him. Have to read it to see.

Does Prime finally mature into the Prime we know in “Primacy?”

That would be telling. Let us say that Prime has a pronounced character arc in the trilogy.

Check out the rest of the interview HERE at Comic Book Resources, and don’t forget to pick up or download the latest issue today!



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