Generations Brainstorm Available for Order from HTS

Generation One’s toy gimmicks are often fondly remembered, from Combiners to Throttlebots and Micromasters to Powermasters. Although one of those gimmicks – Headmasters – has had very little attention paid its way with modern toy lines; the notion of a small figure turning into a larger figure’s head largely ignored save for a couple figures released during the Unicron Trilogy. Announced during this year’s BotCon convention, Generations Brainstorm has changed all that!
And now Brainstorm has been listed on Hasbro Toy Shop, ready for order and scheduled to ship in 9-11 days. The current list price is $19.99, but if you find something small to pad out your order, a discount code for free shipping on a $25 order has been making the rounds. Just enter FreeShip25 at checkout, and it will be like buying the toys at regular retail. Just without the gas mileage.
Check out Brainstorm’s order page on Thanks to gargunkle for the discount code.