BMOG’s Black Friday Offer

Our friends at BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts, that is) have just let us know about a pretty swell offer for their fans. Now through December 1st, all BMOG kits are 20% off with free shipping in the US and Canada!

11-27 through 12-01, we’re offering all of our current BMOG kits (Military Black, Piratical Purple and Toxic Spill) for 20% off! That’s a $5 savings per kit, and we’re still offering free shipping for orders of 2 or more figures for customers in the United States and Canada! BMOG kits for $20! Now what’s BMOG you may ask? BMOG is little robotic action figures that you can take apart and rebuild however you like. However, instead of just being a pile of dismembered bits, each piece is an action figure accessory with 5mm pegs and ports, the same kind used for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and dozens of other action figure lines. Each kit includes both a Bear and Manta Ray figure, model-kit style, with optional stickers for customization.

Check BMOG out HERE at their ecrater site.