Artwork for Hasbro Asia’s Australian & Hong Kong Release of TakaraTomy’s MP-22 Ultra Magnus

Kelvin Chan has posted some very cool art of Ultra Magnus said to be for Hasbro Asia’s Hong Kong and Australian release of TakaraTomy’s MP-21 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus.  As some fans know, Hasbro Asia distributes both Hasbro and TakaraTomy Transformers in different parts of the world.  Often times Hasbro Asia will include extras as incentives for their releases or sometimes even produces exclusive figures for their market. According to Kevin’s post, he was commissioned to produce exclusive artwork for MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus by Hasbro Asia.
MP-22 Ultra Magnus does not mark the the first time a TakaraTomy Masterpiece was released in Australia.  MP-22 Ultra Magnus is set to be released on December 27, 2014 in Japan via TakaraTomy and on the same day via Hasbro Asia (under the TakaraTomy label) in Hong Kong.  MP-22 Ultra Magnus will be released as a Toys R Us exclusive in Australia in April 2015 at the price of $299.99 AU.