Ant Needs Your Help To Keep TFU.Info Amazing

Anthony Brucale, perhaps better known by his handle Tonyfitz or simply as the webmaster of TFU.INFO, has stopped by to call the community to arms. As Ant mentions, the Transformers brand has ballooned into a global juggernaut and it’s simply beyond the means of one man to catalogue all the toys available these days. So here’s you chance to contribute to keeping TFU.INFO a staple of the fan community.

Dear Transformers fans,
Back in 2002 when I launched TFU.INFO, I’d say I had a huge chunk of the Transformers toyline available on the site. In fact, just toying around with the Wayback Machine, my earliest version of the Help page showed roughly under 200 entries being either missing or incomplete.
Since then, the toyline has ballooned exponentially worldwide, as many of you already know. Despite my best efforts to keep up, I’ve found that there’s an inordinate amount of holes in the site’s image collection, far more than I could have imagined back in 2002.
How much? Well, by my estimates, there’s currently just shy of 2,000 entries either missing or incomplete when it comes to toy, variant and parts photos. (Probably moreso after seeing the Q-Transformers news today.)
So, I turn to you fellow fans, in an attempt to fight this uphill battle.
I want to drive this number as close to zero as possible. As new lines come out, this number will slowly rise again, but thus is the challenge in front of us.
I’m looking for fans willing to snap some photos for the archive at TFU.INFO. Unlike 2002, just about everyone has a digital camera these days and the photo requirements for the site aren’t terribly complex. Moreover, this is a chance for you to show off some of your awesome collection and help out the fandom by helping one of its longest-running, free resources.
Take a look at the help page, I’m sure there’s something there with which you can provide help.
Moreover, if you could share this link ( on Facebook, Twitter and your other favorite social media outlets, with the hastag #tfuhelp, it would be much appreciated.
As for submitting photos; anyone who does so will receive credit on our credits page and if you would like to submit photos you can email them to me at [email protected] or post them here in this thread.
With your help, we can continue to provide Transformers fans with the best transforming toy archive in the world. So let’s do this! Let’s see how close we can get to zero before next year’s lines bump this number up. And after that, let’s continue to do fill in the blanks! I’ve already received one submission last night after posting the link to our Facebook Group, and would love to see the Allspark community show up to help.
Again, here’s the page:
I’ll reply to this in a few moments to breakdown some of the numbers and the biggest totals missing from the site.
Thanks for your help,
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