TruForce Collectibles shows off Mega Man X prototype at NYCC

Our friends at the Mega Man Network have a treat for us! TruForce Collectibles have shown a prototype for their upcoming licensed Mega Man X figure.
The figure stands 15cm tall (roughly 6″) and boasts over 20 points articulation. The mostly-unpainted prototype shows off the X’s clean lines in a nice, crisp sculpt. The finished figure is planned to include swappable hands and faces to enhance play and display, LED lights in the X_Buster, and will feature a few die-cast armor pieces.
We’ve mirrored a few photos of the prototype here, but for even more images, check out the full gallery over at Mega Man Network. Thanks to the Mega Man Network and Allspark member LBD Nytetrayn for sharing this with us!