Transformers Robots In Disguise Japanese Release?

Japanese website Hobby Collection @ Bremen published a new list of upcoming preorders for a Japanese TakaraTomy release of the upcoming Transformers Robots In Disguise line.  The listings feature figures not yet announced by Hasbro.  The figures are due for release starting on March 21, 2015.  Here is a translation of the listings:

Transformers TAV01 Bumblebee ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV02 Grimlock ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV03 Strongarm ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV04 Steel Joe ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV05 Fixit ¥ 1,500
Transformers TAV06 Underbyte ¥ 1,500
Transformers TAV07 Roadblock ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV08 R Strong arm ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV09 Swoop ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV10 Snarl ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV11 Knockout ¥ 2,500
Transformers TAV12 Dreadwing ¥ 4,000
Transformers TAVVS01 Bumblebee VS Steel Joe ¥ 4,500
Transformers TAVVS02 Grimlock VS rival ¥ 4,500
Transformers HA01 Bumblebee ¥ 3,600
Transformers HA02 Grimlock ¥ 3,600
Transformers HA03 Transformers Sideswipe ¥ 1,500
Transformers HA04 Prowl ¥ 1,500
Transformers HA05 Junkion ¥ 1,800

No word yet on if the line will retain the Robots In Disguise name or not.
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