Transformers NYCC Reveals: Robots in Disguise

Hasbro’s annual pre-NYCC dinner party is underway this evening, and our colleagues from Transformer World 2005 have been kind enough to share some excellent galleries. On display For the upcoming Robots in Disguise line are most of the main cast and a few monsterously villains across numerous size classes. Hit the jump for the details.

A few details gleaned thus far:
The RiD toy line features a modified QR code that can be scanned by mobile devices to unlock contact on the mobile app. No doubt an effort to bridge the toy vs technology gap with today’s tech savvy kids.
The lupine Steeljaw, seen recently in the preview trailer, seems to be the first of many monstrous Decepticons. We’ve all seen designs for a shark-based baddie and arachnid.
The size classes on display were Warrior (Deluxe), Legion, One Step, Hyperchange, and Titan.
We’ve mirrored some pics from TFW2005 below so as not to over-burden their servers, but please check out their full article here.