Transformers NYCC Reveals: Kre-O

Last but not least, TFw2005 brings us their Kre-O portion of Hasbro’s pre-NYCC night. On display were Robots in Disguise sets, Elite Kreons, and some rather unique Kreons of some favorite characters. Hit the jump for the details.

A few details:
The RiD sets offer use a glimpse into the vast number of monstrous Decepticons that will be the hallmark of the series. Wolves, Sharks, arachnids…oh my!
The Elite Kreons are really coming into their own with some improved engineering.
The wave of Kreons shown feature Cowboy Optimus, Pirate Startscream, Roman Bumblebee, Samurai Optimus, and Steampunk Starscream. Very creative!
We’ve mirrored some pics from TFW2005 below so as not to over-burden their servers, but please check out their full article here.


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