Transformers NYCC Reveals: Generations

Continuing their excellent coverage, TFW2005 brings us another gallery from Hasbro’s pre-NYCC night: Transformers Generations and Combiner Wars. Hit the jump for the details.

A few early details from the display:
Generations Thundercracker is a retool of the Generations Jetfire mold in the style of EJ Su’s IDW Seekers.
Ultra Optimus is shown here as the combined mode of Optimus Prime, Alpha Bravo, Skydive, Fireflight, and oddly, the Decepticon Swindle. That’s one evil foot! No worries though, as Ultra Prime can be the combination of any limbs, apparently.
Huffer is a retool of Legends Optimus Prime.
We’ve mirrored some pics from TFW2005 below so as not to over-burden their servers, but please check out their full article here.